Monday, August 01, 2011


I was in Saskatoon last week for the NASCAR Canadian Tire race there, as you know, and while there I just so happened to catch the final episode of the season of Gene Simmons' Family Jewels. 

Saskatoon proved to be a major part of the plot for the show this year, as Gene and his longtime girl (and former Saskatoon resident) Shannon Tweed came to Saskatoon to visit her family and friends and take in a Blades game at Credit Union Centre, all of which made the show. I saw the now-famous Saskatoon episode of the show and have to say Saskatoon comes off looking good -- it isn't too often that the place is the setting for any kind of storyline, real or otherwise.

Anyway, Tuesday was the season finale and it had Gene finally proposing to Shannon. All I gotta say is it's about time, Gene, that you summoned up the courage to propose to Shannon. Heck, they've been together 28 years, you'd think they'd be married by now. 

But of course, when the show ended they had to make it a cliffhanger and we didn't see Shannon's final answer -- yes or no. We've seen a lot of drama on the show this season with Shannon mad at Gene for numerous transgressions and so on, so this is their way to drag the drama on to the next season.

Anyway, stay tuned.        

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