Sunday, August 14, 2011


This has been a great week for football fans, because we are getting NFL pre-season action on the field. This, after that protracted lockout situation that dominated much of this year. For that reason, a lot of people seem to feel like the offseason felt like it went on and on. No, it was just the lockout, and quite frankly, this lockout situation ended the way fans wanted it to end -- with minimal disruption to the NFL season. Only the Hall of Fame game in Canton was scrapped, and nobody outside of Canton cares about that game anyway.

All in all, this 10-year deal for labor stability ensures that the NFL will dominate as the number one sport in the USA. The reason it is Number One is simple: because it has its act together. This labor deal is further proof of the league's good management and relatively sane labor relations.

One league that does NOT have its act together is the freaking NBA, with people openly speculating that the whole season will be lost. Players are starting to sign in the overseas leagues, and it is looking eerily similar to the situation we saw with the NHL back in 2004-2005. Commissioner David Stern is looking at the upcoming Labor Day weekend as a critical period. 

Here's my question -- if the entire NBA season goes down the tubes, will anyone really miss them? Nobody cares about the NBA until the NFL is over anyway, and even after the NFL is over more fans care about the NCAA hoops. And the moment NCAA hoops ends, it's baseball season anyway!

If tthese folks in the NBA lock themselves out the entire season, they may find no one misses them -- particularly in the markets that have repeatedly gotten hosed by the free agents over the years (Cleveland, Toronto etc.).

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