Monday, August 01, 2011


Well, the debt ceiling deal appears to be done between the President and the US Congress and will probably pass sometime today, averting a calamatous US debt default. Honestly, I thought a deal would get done all along. Really, if folks want something badly enough to get something done in Congress, they find a way, and none of them were going to let a default happen. I'm not happy with all aspects of this deal, and really wasn't happy at all with what these nutty Democrats were proposing, but I'm at least glad to at least see something agreed to, because the consequences of a failure would have been disasterous.

That said, this wrangling over the past week or so has made the entire US government look bad. People really needed to focus on the big picture a lot sooner than they did.

And these Tea Partiers looked like they really weren't ready for prime time in opposing this deal the way they did. They were just obstructionists in my view. Hey, guys, there's a time to stand on principle, and a time to cut deals and avoid sending the nation off the financial cliff. And these Tea Partiers just don't seem to get the fact that the President of the United States still belongs to the opposing party and still has the veto power to call the shots. Pragmatism is hardly the hallmark of Tea Party politicians, in my view.

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