Monday, August 15, 2011


Some big news from the world of entertainment to tell you about. Austin Powers is coming back!

That's right, Mike Myers has finally signed on to do his fourth Austin Powers movie. I must admit, I have been a fan of the spy-spoof series ever since the first one back in 1997.

I loved that first movie. The fembots! The swinging sixties lounge music! The mojo!

The problem was that the series seemed to get worse as time went on and tended to veer towards grossout humor and the like. The series kind of forgot what made it so great to begin with. The last one was particularly a sorry affair. Austin Powers in Goldmember was good for about half the movie. It really felt like they had nothing new in the way of material for that one. When I walked out of the theater after seeing it, I was really depressed. I had this sad sense that I had probably seen the end of the Austin Powers series, and for a long time I was right. 

It also was the start of a sad decline for Myers in the movies -- we haven't seen much of him for years now. I sure would like to see Myers' career rebound after that terrible Love Guru effort he made. Then again, this next Austin Powers flick could well be as bad as the Love Guru was. I hope not. I want to see Myers career revive and the Austin Powers franchise revive as well.

I sure hope this latest Austin Powers movie does come to fruition and that it is as good as the first one was. Hey, we could all use a few laughs these days.

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