Sunday, July 03, 2011


I have been following what has been a pretty exciting World Series of Poker this year from Las Vegas. You can find the live updates here at the WSOP website. They have also been streaming the final tables live in webcam-style fashion.

This event has proven just the tonic to get people diverted away from all the negative online poker news elsewhere, like the US government's Black Friday crackdown that shut down online poker operations in the USA.

That online shutdown devastated a lot of the online companies affected, including Full Tilt Poker. So much so, apparently, that it's feared they don't have the money to be able to pay back their former players. US players have been complaining that they can't get their money withdrawn from Full Tilt, and even player Phil Ivey has complained about it and sued his former company, saying he would not be entering the WSOP because so many people couldn't get money out of Full Tilt and it wouldn't be fair to everyone if he were to play while others could not.

Just this week, more problems for Full Tilt, as the jurisdiction of Alderney yanked their online gaming license and shut them down. So they are out of business right around the world right now.

Now we are hearing stories about how Ivey has lined up some white knight to come to the rescue of Full Tilt Poker and get the players their money back. We'll see. Anyway, I am just so glad I don't have money in Full Tilt Poker. 

These outside problems have really cast a cloud over the poker world in general, and have made for more news headlines than the actual event itself. But fortunately, thanks to the WSOP, live poker rolls on. Much as the federal US government tried to rub poker out, it's still standing.

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The latest news about FT nowadays is that it's ripe for sale. With the case of online poker plus several of their own hobbling in court, I guess paying off their members can only be solved by selling their company off. Too bad for FT, they had been consistently a source of great entertainment the world around.