Friday, July 01, 2011


Well, I sure hope you all enjoyed watching the recent NBA finals, because that's the last pro basketball you may see for a long time. The NBA locked its players out at midnight, and from the sounds of it both sides are so far apart that there is serious worry there may not be a season at all. Commissioner David Stern is openly talking about how the owners are losing money -- this, in spite of all the revenue the NBA is getting for its product around the world.

This is the same kind of talk we were hearing from the NHL back in 2004, although back then I believe there was much more speculation, almost an assumption, that the entire season would be scrapped.

Anyway, that's two leagues now locked out at the same time, the NBA and the NFL. Not that it really matters much, because neither league is in season. Supposedly the NFL isn't far from some sort of settlement, so hopefully that situation will be resolved, but I really worry about the NBA. I think too many of those players are a little too greedy about things, and I think the owners really are in trouble and seeking a pushback.

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