Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well, welcome to a Vacation News from Nowhere -- which makes sense to me because I am on vacation right now from work. Even though I am not in the office, the news of the world goes on. Speaking of which::

The politicians continue to call for scalps over the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Already Rebekah Brooks, head of the newspaper unit, has resigned, and people have been arrested. It's even extended to top people at Scotland Yard and people are now even calling for Prime Minister David Cameron's scalp for his government's alleged links to the Murdoch empire through some of their hires.

People don't want to stop there, though, they want to go after the people right at the top of News Corp. News Corp chair Rupert Murdoch was hauled in front of a British parliamentary committee and really got roasted. He wouldn't take responsibility, though, which is a really bad PR move on his part. I get the feeling Murdoch really was out of the loop on this one -- the guy is just a businessman, concentrating on the business end. Yet people were roasting him as if they thought he was behind all the hacking. One guy even went in there and pied him, only for Murdoch's wife to come after him and slap him in the face. Murdoch called it the most humbling day of his life.

I really think Murdoch's empire is in a lot of trouble now. It's so bad that you have people out there wanting licenses pulled for his TV stations in the States, all because of the actions of these out-of-control reporters over in Britain.

I hear these rumors about how Murdoch may be forced to relinquish his other newspapers in Britain, but who the heck will buy them? Nobody wants to buy newspapers these days, period. I worry these other papers he owns will end up shut down, which should please their competitors to no end. But it will do nothing for ensuring a free press in Britain. What is needed over there is some newspaper self-examination, but the politicians are likely to go overboard and over-regulate or close things down instead, and throw more people out of work. I know the News of the World scandal was terrible and I didn't like what was happening there, either, but closing down NOTW doesn't appear to be enough for people. I worry the politicians won't stop until every paper Murdoch owns is shut down. So much for a free press in Britain, then, if that happens, but then again the News of the World did nothing to police itself when it came to its own reporting.

In other news Casey Anthony is out of jail. What, you missed this? Apparently she was sneaked out of there in the middle of the night as her sentence came to an end. Needless to say, this story continues to be the gift that keeps on giving for the folks over at HLN, who continue to give this trial saturation coverage.

This weekend was also the infamous Carmageddon in Los Angeles. Apparently much ado about nothing.

In world economic matters the debt crisis continues to go on with talks both in Europe and also in Congress in the USA. 

Poker's November Nine has been finalized as the World Series of Poker Main Event goes on hiatus until the fall.

And Charlie Sheen is back on the air! He has landed a new sitcom coming this fall, called Anger Management.

"Winning!" That's all.

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