Sunday, July 24, 2011


I really do not have much to say about very much at all right now. I was at the Edmonton Indy qualifying day on Saturday, at their newly reconfigured track. Will Power ended up winning the race today.

As well, today's a big day for Entourage fans as their final season begins tonight on HBO, with Kevin Connolly telling NBC that this final season is definitely not their choice. Anyway, a show that proved to be a good way to relax your cranium will be taking leave of TV soon, whether fans like it or not.

I have little else to say about the latest offerings at theaters such as the final Harry Potter movie, which cleaned up last weekend, or Captain America which cleaned up this weekend, or the death of Amy Winehouse, or that terrible, horrible gun attack over in Norway. Basically, I'm just tired after the trip to Edmonton and I am just sitting here watching the Riders play Montreal. in the CFL Incredibly, the Riders are leading right now.

Needless to say this is the only football I'm caring about at the moment. (This NFL lockout couldn't end soon enough given what a pathetic joke it has become lately.)

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