Monday, July 04, 2011


HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to American readers of the CAIRNS BLOG. First, the big breaking story of the day is that President Barack Obama is not dead. I repeat, he is NOT DEAD. Those are untrue lies spread by hackers to the Fox News Politics Twitter feed.

So ignore those. It's just the usual idiots trying to undermine civilization in general yet again.

Man, something has to be done about these nutcases on the Internet, hacking Twitter and spreading all this misinformation. It's getting to the point where you can't believe a darn thing you read on these "tweets" anymore, due to these lies and hacks. Anyway, bottom line is the President is not dead.

As for that other President, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, it's a different story -- he could be dead pretty soon if these cancer stories are true. He had surgery last week in Cuba. 

I notice also that Thailand now has a new leader -- a female PM.

In other news, William and Kate are busy on their royal tour of Canada. They spent Canada Day in Ottawa, and then this weekend they were in Quebec where William said a few words in French. Today, Wills and Kate were racing against each other in PEI. It's fun to be a "Royal".

Also having fun: Prince Albert of Monaco, who got married in a big royal wedding of his own last Friday to a woman who, it is alleged, supposedly got cold feet and threatened to become yet another Runaway Bride over supposed lovechild allegations involving the groom.

Where have I heard all this before? Oh yeah, in California. Speaking of which, Maria has officially filed for divorce from Ahhnold, I mean Arnold.

Good news for former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The prosecution's case against him is so full of holes that he is now released and tthe charges look like they are going to soon be dropped.

Speaking of court cases: the Casey Anthony case is finally in the hands of the jury. No verdict yet.

It looks like Two and a Half Men is going to kill off Charlie Sheen's character. Also, a supposed move by Sheen to cable net TBS is being vehemently denied by that network. On top of all that, his "Goddesses" have apparently dumped him. All in all, things seem to be going downhill fast for Mr. "Winning!" Sheen.

Also, Sheen was quoted in the press as saying he did steroids for his movie Major League. Personally, I think that's just him being outrageous to get himself his usual publicity, nothing more.(Although I wouldn't put it past him to do it, either, given the rest of his other antics.)

In other news from TV, Glenn Beck has departed Fox News.

And finally, we have crowned a hotdog eating champion. Americans sure know how to have fun on a holiday, do they not? We don't do any of this "Major League Eating" up here in Canada on Canada Day. Then again, maybe Canadians have more sense. (Sixty-two hot dogs this guy ate. Good heavens.)

Happy fireworks day, folks! That is all for the moment.

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