Saturday, June 11, 2011


Just a reminder to myself that Le Mans is on. Live audio is here.

UPDATE: What can I say? What a crazy race it was.

First, Audi's Allan McNish crashes into a wall and the whole car flies into pieces, and people are worried he might have been killed, but he walks away unharmed. Then later, Audi loses another car as Mike Rockenfeller's car gets into an even worse crash and also flies into pieces, and everyone thought the poor guy might also have gotten killed -- but he survived, too. It's a miracle that Audi managed to hold off their rivals Peugeot given all the problems with their cars getting into particularly scary crashes, but the third Audi car driven by Andre Lotterer finished the 24 hours and won the race. Wow.

Too much drama for one team to handle in a day. Auto racing is great, but not when you get so close to the edge like that.

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