Thursday, June 16, 2011


I have more to say about what went down last night in Vancouver after the Canucks lost 4-0 to the Boston Bruins in game seven of the Stanley Cup finals.

First of all, I am not with the people who are referring to these looters as "Canucks fans." There are hockey fans, and then there are people who aren't really fans but use hockey games as their excuse to party, get drunk and be idiots. This latter situation is what we have here.

Don't confuse these jerks outside Rogers Arena who were looting and setting cars on fire with the real fans, the ones who were actually in the arena and who were behaving with more class after their team lost. Those fans were even clapping for Tim Thomas when he got the Conn Smythe award. (Although I did notice they were throwing bottles at Gary Bettman. I guess they couldn't keep all the idiots out of the arena.)

Second -- where the heck were the police? I know that they were a little overwhelmed, but weren't any lessons learned from 1994? They should have had every cop in the province in Vancouver on Wednesday, prepared for the worst. Instead, these guys in charge had their heads in the sand about what would happen. I heard the police say on the radio before the game that they didn't expect a repeat of 1994 because most young people weren't born back then and it was a different group of people now. Right.

They should have taken a few lessons from the folks in Boston about how to deal with the idiots, because Boston has had plenty of experience dealing with celebrations gone out of control in the past few years before finally getting a handle on it.

The police in Vancouver were saying they expected it to be more like the Olympics when everyone was behaving themselves and there was a great festive atmosphere. But that's different -- the Olympics tend to attracts a higher class of people than hockey games. Those Olympics visitors are usually people who can't be bothered with looting places or getting drunk in public. All in all, a poor show by the city of Vancouver for not being ready for the inevitable rioting that everyone knew was going to happen with the Stanley Cup.

Finally, all I gotta say is -- why bother rioting? It was only a hockey game. Hockey games are no reason to stage a riot. Instead, stage riots over things that are important -- like if the people are going hungry or something like that. Like I say -- these rioters and looters are idiots.

Oh, and as an aside, these looters were shown on TV all over Canada. Nice going, you fools -- you just gave the prosecutors plenty of evidence to use against you in a court of law. Enjoy your time in the cells, you so-called "fans."

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