Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well, now that all the sports finals are over with we can move on to the next big sporting event: determining who's the most beautiful girl in the USA. That's right, it's Miss USA tonight in Las Vegas, and AS USUAL it's on my favorite network NBC at 9/8 Central. (7 pm where I am.)

And it promises to be another one of those nights with the judges bound to ask politically-charged questions of the hapless contestants. Apparently all these girls are scared to death about the questions they'll be asked. They are all worried they'll get hit with some loaded question and put their foot in it, and turn themselves into the next Carrie Prejean (pictured).

You remember her, she was the ex-Miss California who was asked about gay marriage by Perez Hilton and gave her unenthused reaction to the whole idea, got in trouble for that and other things, and eventually had to give up her title. 

You know, this says it all about the United States right now. Instead of a contest celebrating beauty, we have a contest that's now all about politics and hot-button issues. The USA needs a little less politics, in my opinion. Political divisions are ruining the United States of America and every aspect of life there, including the beauty contests. That's my, uh, opinion.

Oh, and as an aside,  HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!

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