Friday, June 24, 2011


Well, to no one's surprise the new NHL team in Winnipeg will have the same name as the old NHL team in Winnipeg -- they will be the Winnipeg Jets. It was announced tonight in St. Paul at the draft.

I think they had to call them the Jets -- otherwise people there would have rioted. (Canadians tend to do that.) Honestly, people were calling this team the Jets long before the name was officially chosen.

We heard all these stories about how the ownership group really wanted a different name and to go a different direction. I think they really were intending to call them the Manitoba Moose, the name of the AHL team they owned! But how could they call them any name other than Winnipeg Jets with magazine covers like this one practically declaring the "Jets" were back, and with all the NHL fans celebrating in the streets wearing Jets jerseys. I didn't see a single one of those folks wearing Moose jerseys. Did you?

I think the True North owners got some hard lessons about what the fans really thought of the Moose franchise and their name -- they thought it was a second-rate substitute for what they really wanted. They didn't want to cheer for a team called the Moose, or the Falcons or whatever other name was being thought up.They wanted to cheer for the Jets.

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