Friday, June 17, 2011


Well, guys, I'm excited because we have a big wedding this weekend. That's right. Hugh Hefner, Mr. Playboy himself, has finally decided to settle down and will be tying the knot with his gorgeous blonde Playmate bride Crystal Harris! Yes, this is a wedding that is sure to be...

See this is what happens when the television is showing nonstop coverage of hockey riots in Vancouver: you miss out on the real news. 

Anyway, it's a good thing it was this wedding and not Wills and Kate that was called off. In the latter case, there would have been a riot. A big one.

We don't really know the real story behind this latest breakup, although one story had these two breaking up after a fight over the phone. Some of the rumors are really wild -- like the one about how Crystal was going to dump Hef at the altar during the wedding itself and do a reality show on it for big money. I really found that rumor unbelievable.There was also a rumor she was cheating on Hef with Dr. Phil's son. Then there's what Crystal said to ET the other day. Honestly, I have no clue.

This breakup happened so suddenly that the issues of Playboy prematurely declaring Miss Harris to be Mrs. Crystal Hefner were already printed! They had to put stickers on all of them declaring her to be a Runaway Bride. How embarrassing, but then again I think Playboy is pretty much beyond embarrassment anyway. These should sell like hotcakes.

See, this is why I like to post about Playboy, they provide endless juicy material for folks to write about. Someone needs to get a reality show about the Mansion back on the air -- this stuff is too good.

Speaking of which, it's nice to see ex-Girls Next Door Holly, Bridget and Kendra all back together again consoling Hef. He'll at least feel a little better about things. Some guys just aren't cut out for marriage.

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