Sunday, June 05, 2011


Welcome to another big News from Nowhere, and the big news in the past number of weeks has been all the marital infidelity and overall bad behavior from all your favorite politicians.

By now everyone knows about the marital woes for ex-California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and wife Maria Shriver, who is now getting ready to take her cad husband to divorce court, and the cleaners, for fathering a love child with the family maid. If you read the supermarket tabloids it looks even worse on Ahhnold, with rumors of even more infidelity and other potential kids he fathered. Wow.

Shriver has apparently taken on "Disso Queen" lawyer Laura Wasser to handle the split. Now Ahhnold has hired a lawyer, too. Good luck Arnold; you'll need it, given the divorce laws in California.

The bad behavior of one John Edwards, ex-VP candidate, not only got him written out of his wife's will but in even bigger trouble; federal criminal charges for illegal campaign spending to cover up his extramarital flings while on the campaign trail. Wow, I dunno about this one. I know he's a cad and reprehensible and so on, and should probably never hold high office ever again, but going to jail because your campaign covers up the fact you are a cad? Isn't the whole point of a campaign supposed to be to make your candidate look good? What was he supposed to do -- admit he was cheating in the middle of the campaign?

I've got to look into these allegations a little more closely, because it seems a little bit over-the-top to charge someone with federal crimes for having an affair. Also, if Edwards goes to jail maybe they should re-open the files on Bill Clinton, because this is going to mean open season on wife-cheaters and other scoundrels in politics.

Of course there are the ongoing criminal charges against disgraced IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who was supposed to run for President for the French Socialists but now faces sexual assault charges in New York. He sounds like he's an even worse individual given his reported antics.

Honestly, what's gotten into these guys? They are giving all of us men a bad name.

On the flip side, and in order to show that some females are also not angels sometimes -- the Casey Anthony trial is under way in Florida and has been going for a few days now. That's that woman accused of killing her kid Caylee. I've been watching the live streams of the trial and following some of the reporting of it from Nancy Grace's website and at Caylee Daily and elsewhere.

I've missed out on a lot of pop culture news lately -- such as who won the Cannes Film Festival. And of course, Oprah's last show.

Also, Cheryl Cole has already been fired as a judge before even beginning production for Simon Cowell's sure-fire hit FOX show The X Factor because apparently dumb Americans can't get past her thick British accent.

And Jeff Conaway of TAXI and Grease fame has died. Also gone: wrestling legend The Macho Man Randy Savage.

I know, this is all old news, but my arm has been kind of on strike lately, along with Canada Post and everyone else in this country. So now I am catching up.

Finally, it is great times to be a hockey fan in Canada. Winnipeg is back in the NHL and fans have already bought up all the 13,000 season tickets that were on sale. Meanwhile, the Vancouver Canucks are just two wins away from bringing the Stanley Cup back to Canada after long exile in the USA.

That's all for the moment.

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