Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, I just wanted to say farewell to all of you loyal readers at THE CAIRNS BLOG, as the world is ending later today. What, you didn't know? Family Radio took out these ads saying the world was going to end at 6pm and that the Rapture was coming. Well, that's definitely going to put an end to the stuff I usually cover here. Too bad, I was looking forward to watching the NASCAR all-star race later tonight, but I'm going to miss it, all because of this end-of-the-world business.

After I find out who wins the Preakness I'm going to tune in CNN for what is sure to be excellent end-of-the-world coverage. This event is bound to have that earthquake in Japan all beat.

What a joke. I sure hope the world doesn't end, I have big vacation plans for this summer.

UPDATE: Uh, hi. I dunno about you but I'm still here. I guess the preacher goofed up and got his dates mixed up.

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