Monday, May 16, 2011


Welcome to TV Upfront Week here at the CAIRNS BLOG. However, I'm not going to talk too much about network TV today. Instead, we're going right back to covering politics and the 2012 presidential race.

Earlier today, Donald Trump announced that he is not going to be running for President after all, which only confirmed the suspicions most people had that this was all a publicity stunt to drum up interest in his television show, The Celebrity Apprentice. Which, by the way, was renewed by NBC today. I guess NBC was desperate for material.

People are now pointing at the Donald bailing out of this race and are now wondering why the Republicans cannot find anyone to run for President. So many big names have either not declared yet or are sitting out.

Well, there is a simple answer why so many of them are having cold feet -- they like being on TV way too much. Look at Trump. What does he have that these other politicians don't have? That's right, a network TV show. 

Then look at Mike Huckabee. He announced he isn't running for President either. What does he have in common with Trump? That's right -- a TV show on Fox News Channel.

I also notice that Sarah Palin hasn't declared yet, and last I checked she had a TV show, too, on TLC. Oh, and she also appears quite often as a commentator on Fox News Channel.

Why would anyone want to run for President when you can have a TV show instead? Being on TV is a far better gig. Now granted, President Barack Obama has no problems getting on TV. But it is far too much fun to have your own silly show as opposed to having to preempt shows as the President. Besides, Obama doesn't get to be on TV every week, unlike these other folks. Plus, he also must deal with a hostile Congress. Being President is no fun at all. 

Fear not for the Republicans. It looks like there will still be plenty of potential candidates out there -- Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann among them  -- none of whom, I notice, have television gigs to distract them.

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