Monday, May 23, 2011


By now you have probably heard about the latest tornado disaster to hit the United States, this time in Joplin, Missouri. I tuned in last night to a live Weather Channel stream of the disaster on the web. The reporter there was standing in front of a neighbourhood that was basically all rubble, with the cars all flipped over and totalled and the windows knocked out of the hospital across the street. It looked like a nuclear bomb had hit the area. Then they showed a dog being rescued live on the air.

It's amazing more people weren't killed based on the carnage, but the loss of life is now upwards over a hundred people.

I watched the NBC Nightly News and Brian Williams was down there in Joplin. Apparently, he actually used to live there when he started out in TV. Now he's back, covering all that is left of the place.

Man, what a terrible year it has been so far for tornadoes -- this one coming just after the Tuscaloosa disaster in Alabama, which was almost as bad. I didn't think it was going to get much worse, but what happened this weekend looked a lot worse to me. By the way, Joplin wasn't the only place hit by tornadoes Sunday -- the Twin Cities area in Minnesota was hit, too.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another bad day, with Oklahoma and Kansas all lumped in to yet another "red" zone. So be on the lookout for more mayhem tomorrow, unfortunately. Keep it right here for more storm coverage here at the CAIRNS BLOG.

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