Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, the NHL is moving back to Winnipeg. True North Entertainment bought the Atlanta Thrashers today and are moving them to the Manitoba city. Already fans in Winnipeg are celebrating as if they have won the Stanley Cup. They may not be celebrating so much once they see the prices for the games. The worst seats in the MTS Centre will go for $39 bucks! Ouch.

Darnit! People were soooo looking forward to seeing their beloved Jets back. Too bad about the ticket prices. But look on the bright side: at least Winnipeg has a baseball team. You won't need to shell out so much to see that.

Meanwhile they are taking it hard in Atlanta. See the video from FOX 5 below, where they insult Winnipeg by calling it a "small town." Ouch again.


Home Inspector Training said...

It’s tough losing your team but for the hockey fans, there’s still hockey. Take a break and come back rooting for another team. It will be like starting to watch hockey for the first time again.

Online Marketing Consultant said...

Always felt a kinship with the other non-traditionals like y’all, Florida, Tampa, and Nashville. To see y’alls team taken away so unceremoniously is depressing for Southern hockey fans everywhere. My condolences.

Photography Expert said...

Currently the loony is nice and stable against the dollar, but back in ‘96 $1 USD was worth about $1.40 CAD. It presented a big problem for Canadian teams who collected revenue from ticket sales, TV deals, merchandise, etc. in Canadian dollars but had to pay their players salaries in American dollars and it’s one of the main factors that sent the Jets down to Phoenix in the first place. Things are favorable now, but there’s no telling what the future will hold and if the loony dips again small Canadian markets (i.e. Winnipeg and Quebec City) will again, like they were 15-20 years ago, just not have any potential for profitability whatsoever

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