Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We're back with more Upfronts news. Yesterday was NBC's big day as it announced its new fall schedule which will include Chuck and Harry's Law and exclude Law and Order: Los Angeles. Anyway, I'm sad but not surprised at the latter's exclusion -- that show was kind of a revolving door from the get-go. 

And CBS cancelled more shows, including The Defenders, that Las Vegas buddy-lawyer show which starred Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi. Too bad. This was actually one Jim Belushi show I actually liked -- for a change. For the full list from TV Squad of what happened to your favorites, click here.

Today ABC unveiled its new lineup and in keeping with the retro vibe this fall will be Pan Am, set on those old sleek airliners, giving off a Mad Men vibe again. I dunno what it was about the Sixties --- it was just cooler back then.

Also coming is a revived Charlie's Angels. You know, it sure looks like this ABC prime-time schedule is a throwback to the Seventies. I guess ABC figured if Hawaii Five-O worked for CBS, they might as well bring back the Angels. What's next -- are they going to bring back Battle of the Network Stars?

And speaking of ideas lifted from the stone age, FOX is bringing back The Flintstones in 2013! It seems Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame is a big Flintstones fan and he is going to executive produce this show. Well, I have no idea what to expect. MacFarlane does a brilliant job with Family Guy and these other shows he produces, but I worry he might make this new version of the Flintstones a raunchy Family Guy ripoff. That would be no way to go as The Flintstones is much more a family show. 

This Flintstones revival is either going to be absolutely terrific or absolutely terrible. One or the other. That's all.

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