Monday, May 09, 2011


Well, we have had a wild week in the world of news, thanks to the Canadian election and, uh, Osama bin Laden.

As you heard, there was this big uproar about whether President Barack Obama should release the pictures of bin Laden, as all the usual conspiracy-theorists and nutcases were claiming his death was all faked. Personally, I think the President made the right call -- releasing the gory death pictures would have just inflamed these Arab fanatics. Meanwhile, the usual nutcases would simply have said the death pictures were faked.

Anyway, the reason I believe that bin Laden is dead is because al-Qaida is confirming that bin Laden is dead. So that settles that! In the meantime, people are freaking out over al-Qaida terrorist plots with respect to trains and other forms of transportation.

Back to last weekend's announcement by Obama on television of the big news that bin Laden kicked the bucket. He made the announcement interrupting and preempting Donald Trump's show The Celebrity Apprentice, therefore upstaging and humiliating a potential election rival who has already had plenty of bad things to say about him.

For those who missed it, which is about all of you: on last week's show Trump was busy firing Hope Dworaczyk, 2010 Playmate of the Year (pictured). That basically means I no longer care about this season, since the real eye candy of the show is gone. From the sounds of it, though, Hope was glad to go. She said in an interview that being on the show was horrible and added that the women on her team were -- her words, not mine -- a bunch of "b!tches." Well, look who was on her team! Star Jones, Dionne Warwick -- I can believe it.

Among other things, Hope whined about having to get up early at 4:30 am for the TV shoots and if I had to get up that early, I would whine too. Especially if I had to work with Star Jones. Anyway, I now have no reason to watch reality TV on Sundays, what with Hope fired and with her fellow Playmate Jaime Edmondson getting booted long ago from this season's Amazing Race, along with her cheerleader friend Cara. (I can't help it, I like the ladies.)

In other news from TV, CBS has named Scott Pelley to take over from Katie Couric as anchor of the CBS Evening News.

Katie is still figuring out what to do. Speculation is that she may go to ABC and get her own show, which would end up booting yet another soap opera off the air. General Hospital. All in all, these are sad times for soaps fans.

As for last week's stunning Canadian election, the New Democrats, now Canada's Official Opposition, look increasingly like wannabe cast members on Saturday Night Live. They are the Not Ready for Prime Time Players. You had their chief Quebec lieutenant Thomas Mulcair talking to the press on TV and doubting there were any bin Laden death pictures. He later said his words were taken out of context.

Then you have the case of Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the Ottawa pub manager who managed to get elected in Berthier--Maskinong√© even though (a) she doesn't know French, (b) has never been to the riding and (c) took a trip to Las Vegas in the middle of the election campaign. The press is giving her a hard time, but the people who really ought to be raked over the coals are the idiots in Berthier--Maskinong√© who elected her in the first place.

I can't believe a goofball like her wins her seat in the election; meanwhile Quebec voters in places like Pontiac give the foreign minister Lawrence Cannon the boot. He lost to an ex-Communist karate instructor. I wish I were making this up.

Can you imagine something like this happening in the USA? Or the UK?! I know this is a free country and the "people are always right" in a democracy, but really, voters in Quebec ought to be embarrassed.

For a couple of articles on the election race in Battlefords-Lloydminster, here's a writeup on the winning Conservative MP Gerry Ritz, plus a look at how the local Green guy fared. At least the Green candidate showed up at the debates here and did some campaigning -- that's more than what you can say for some of these new NDP MPs from Quebec.

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