Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Well, the NHL is moving back to Winnipeg. True North Entertainment bought the Atlanta Thrashers today and are moving them to the Manitoba city. Already fans in Winnipeg are celebrating as if they have won the Stanley Cup. They may not be celebrating so much once they see the prices for the games. The worst seats in the MTS Centre will go for $39 bucks! Ouch.

Darnit! People were soooo looking forward to seeing their beloved Jets back. Too bad about the ticket prices. But look on the bright side: at least Winnipeg has a baseball team. You won't need to shell out so much to see that.

Meanwhile they are taking it hard in Atlanta. See the video from FOX 5 below, where they insult Winnipeg by calling it a "small town." Ouch again.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


What a ridiculous day of auto racing we have had, ladies and gentlemen.

At the Indianapolis 500, J.R. Hildebrand has the lead going into the final lap, and it looks like he is actually going to win the race in his rookie year. And then in Turn Four he hits the wall, and allows Dan Wheldon to pass him and win. Unbelievable.

Then in Charlotte tonight at the Coca-Cola 600, it looks like Dale Earnhardt Jr. is finally going to end his long losing streak. All of Jr. Nation is on its feet as Earnhardt Jr. approaches Turn Four in the last lap of a green-white-checkered finish -- and he immediately runs out of gas and loses to Kevin Harvick.

Wow. Talk about a humbling day in both NASCAR and Indycar.

Oh, and in Monaco Sebastian Vettel started in pole position and actually won the race. Well, one out of three ain't bad.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Anchor Mark Haines dies at age 65. The announcement was made on the air on CNBC this morning during the show he used to anchor.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


More weather carnage. Live coverage from KFOR and News9 in Oklahoma City.

Monday, May 23, 2011


By now you have probably heard about the latest tornado disaster to hit the United States, this time in Joplin, Missouri. I tuned in last night to a live Weather Channel stream of the disaster on the web. The reporter there was standing in front of a neighbourhood that was basically all rubble, with the cars all flipped over and totalled and the windows knocked out of the hospital across the street. It looked like a nuclear bomb had hit the area. Then they showed a dog being rescued live on the air.

It's amazing more people weren't killed based on the carnage, but the loss of life is now upwards over a hundred people.

I watched the NBC Nightly News and Brian Williams was down there in Joplin. Apparently, he actually used to live there when he started out in TV. Now he's back, covering all that is left of the place.

Man, what a terrible year it has been so far for tornadoes -- this one coming just after the Tuscaloosa disaster in Alabama, which was almost as bad. I didn't think it was going to get much worse, but what happened this weekend looked a lot worse to me. By the way, Joplin wasn't the only place hit by tornadoes Sunday -- the Twin Cities area in Minnesota was hit, too.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another bad day, with Oklahoma and Kansas all lumped in to yet another "red" zone. So be on the lookout for more mayhem tomorrow, unfortunately. Keep it right here for more storm coverage here at the CAIRNS BLOG.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, I just wanted to say farewell to all of you loyal readers at THE CAIRNS BLOG, as the world is ending later today. What, you didn't know? Family Radio took out these ads saying the world was going to end at 6pm and that the Rapture was coming. Well, that's definitely going to put an end to the stuff I usually cover here. Too bad, I was looking forward to watching the NASCAR all-star race later tonight, but I'm going to miss it, all because of this end-of-the-world business.

After I find out who wins the Preakness I'm going to tune in CNN for what is sure to be excellent end-of-the-world coverage. This event is bound to have that earthquake in Japan all beat.

What a joke. I sure hope the world doesn't end, I have big vacation plans for this summer.

UPDATE: Uh, hi. I dunno about you but I'm still here. I guess the preacher goofed up and got his dates mixed up.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


We're back with more Upfronts news. Yesterday was NBC's big day as it announced its new fall schedule which will include Chuck and Harry's Law and exclude Law and Order: Los Angeles. Anyway, I'm sad but not surprised at the latter's exclusion -- that show was kind of a revolving door from the get-go. 

And CBS cancelled more shows, including The Defenders, that Las Vegas buddy-lawyer show which starred Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi. Too bad. This was actually one Jim Belushi show I actually liked -- for a change. For the full list from TV Squad of what happened to your favorites, click here.

Today ABC unveiled its new lineup and in keeping with the retro vibe this fall will be Pan Am, set on those old sleek airliners, giving off a Mad Men vibe again. I dunno what it was about the Sixties --- it was just cooler back then.

Also coming is a revived Charlie's Angels. You know, it sure looks like this ABC prime-time schedule is a throwback to the Seventies. I guess ABC figured if Hawaii Five-O worked for CBS, they might as well bring back the Angels. What's next -- are they going to bring back Battle of the Network Stars?

And speaking of ideas lifted from the stone age, FOX is bringing back The Flintstones in 2013! It seems Seth MacFarlane of Family Guy fame is a big Flintstones fan and he is going to executive produce this show. Well, I have no idea what to expect. MacFarlane does a brilliant job with Family Guy and these other shows he produces, but I worry he might make this new version of the Flintstones a raunchy Family Guy ripoff. That would be no way to go as The Flintstones is much more a family show. 

This Flintstones revival is either going to be absolutely terrific or absolutely terrible. One or the other. That's all.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Welcome to TV Upfront Week here at the CAIRNS BLOG. However, I'm not going to talk too much about network TV today. Instead, we're going right back to covering politics and the 2012 presidential race.

Earlier today, Donald Trump announced that he is not going to be running for President after all, which only confirmed the suspicions most people had that this was all a publicity stunt to drum up interest in his television show, The Celebrity Apprentice. Which, by the way, was renewed by NBC today. I guess NBC was desperate for material.

People are now pointing at the Donald bailing out of this race and are now wondering why the Republicans cannot find anyone to run for President. So many big names have either not declared yet or are sitting out.

Well, there is a simple answer why so many of them are having cold feet -- they like being on TV way too much. Look at Trump. What does he have that these other politicians don't have? That's right, a network TV show. 

Then look at Mike Huckabee. He announced he isn't running for President either. What does he have in common with Trump? That's right -- a TV show on Fox News Channel.

I also notice that Sarah Palin hasn't declared yet, and last I checked she had a TV show, too, on TLC. Oh, and she also appears quite often as a commentator on Fox News Channel.

Why would anyone want to run for President when you can have a TV show instead? Being on TV is a far better gig. Now granted, President Barack Obama has no problems getting on TV. But it is far too much fun to have your own silly show as opposed to having to preempt shows as the President. Besides, Obama doesn't get to be on TV every week, unlike these other folks. Plus, he also must deal with a hostile Congress. Being President is no fun at all. 

Fear not for the Republicans. It looks like there will still be plenty of potential candidates out there -- Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann among them  -- none of whom, I notice, have television gigs to distract them.


THIS IS MY LAST POST  on that new NBC show The Playboy Club. Here'a clip from NBC on what to expect -- lots of swinging Sixties appeal featuring gorgeous ladies in bunny suits. ( I want to start to class things up around here, which is why I call them ladies instead of babes.) Here's the question I have -- what's the name of that cute bunny who's singing?

I like this show already.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


There has been a lot of TV news in advance of the network upfronts that will be happening this week. We've heard lots of stories of pickups of series, and of cancellations. Among the big stories is that NBC is going to pick up the controversial Playboy Club, with its retro-60s theme and impressively hot cast (Amber Heard, pictured.). 

I think Playboy Club is absolutely the way for NBC to go -- the edgy and stylish Mad Men direction. They have to try and do something to compete with all that sexed-up content on cable TV, and this is it.  

And in a wise move NBC has rejected the Wonder Woman pilot, which is good because I thought it was an awful idea. For one thing, they had the star Adrianne Palicki wear long pants. She just didn't look like Wonder Woman in that ugly getup. For another, the guy behind this effort was David E. Kelley, and frankly that would have been a recipe for disaster because Kelley is known for TV series with absolutely outlandish plots and characters who should be committed to the looney bin.

Think of the Ally McBeal show and then take those same storylines and put them in Wonder Woman. It would have been a joke -- all the bad guys on the show would have been absolute lunatics. The comic book fans would have had a cow.

Kelley is good at what he does, mainly these lawyer shows, but he shouldn't touch a DC comic book character with a ten-foot pole.

Oh, and there are lots of cancellations to tell you about. ABC got rid of  Brothers & Sisters, V, Off the Map, No Ordinary Family, Detroit 187, Better With You and Mr. Sunshine. NBC canned Outsourced, Perfect Couples, Chase and others, and FOX booted out Human Target, Lie to Me, The Chicago Code, Breaking In and Traffic Light. Presumably this is all to make room for X Factor with Simon and Paula together again.

And CBS is bringing Ashton Kutcher in to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men, in what is surely a last-ditch Jump the Shark moment for the series. Sheen reportedly said of the move: "Kutcher is a sweetheart and a brilliant comedic performer ... Oh wait, so am I!!"

More news from TV, soon.


Congratulations to Manchester, England, for winning both the FA Cup (Man City) and Premier League (Man United) on the same day on Saturday.

And, uh, congratulations to Toronto for winning the lacrosse title with the Toronto Rock today. Hey, it's about time a team in that town won something.

Monday, May 09, 2011


Well, we have had a wild week in the world of news, thanks to the Canadian election and, uh, Osama bin Laden.

As you heard, there was this big uproar about whether President Barack Obama should release the pictures of bin Laden, as all the usual conspiracy-theorists and nutcases were claiming his death was all faked. Personally, I think the President made the right call -- releasing the gory death pictures would have just inflamed these Arab fanatics. Meanwhile, the usual nutcases would simply have said the death pictures were faked.

Anyway, the reason I believe that bin Laden is dead is because al-Qaida is confirming that bin Laden is dead. So that settles that! In the meantime, people are freaking out over al-Qaida terrorist plots with respect to trains and other forms of transportation.

Back to last weekend's announcement by Obama on television of the big news that bin Laden kicked the bucket. He made the announcement interrupting and preempting Donald Trump's show The Celebrity Apprentice, therefore upstaging and humiliating a potential election rival who has already had plenty of bad things to say about him.

For those who missed it, which is about all of you: on last week's show Trump was busy firing Hope Dworaczyk, 2010 Playmate of the Year (pictured). That basically means I no longer care about this season, since the real eye candy of the show is gone. From the sounds of it, though, Hope was glad to go. She said in an interview that being on the show was horrible and added that the women on her team were -- her words, not mine -- a bunch of "b!tches." Well, look who was on her team! Star Jones, Dionne Warwick -- I can believe it.

Among other things, Hope whined about having to get up early at 4:30 am for the TV shoots and if I had to get up that early, I would whine too. Especially if I had to work with Star Jones. Anyway, I now have no reason to watch reality TV on Sundays, what with Hope fired and with her fellow Playmate Jaime Edmondson getting booted long ago from this season's Amazing Race, along with her cheerleader friend Cara. (I can't help it, I like the ladies.)

In other news from TV, CBS has named Scott Pelley to take over from Katie Couric as anchor of the CBS Evening News.

Katie is still figuring out what to do. Speculation is that she may go to ABC and get her own show, which would end up booting yet another soap opera off the air. General Hospital. All in all, these are sad times for soaps fans.

As for last week's stunning Canadian election, the New Democrats, now Canada's Official Opposition, look increasingly like wannabe cast members on Saturday Night Live. They are the Not Ready for Prime Time Players. You had their chief Quebec lieutenant Thomas Mulcair talking to the press on TV and doubting there were any bin Laden death pictures. He later said his words were taken out of context.

Then you have the case of Ruth Ellen Brosseau, the Ottawa pub manager who managed to get elected in Berthier--Maskinong√© even though (a) she doesn't know French, (b) has never been to the riding and (c) took a trip to Las Vegas in the middle of the election campaign. The press is giving her a hard time, but the people who really ought to be raked over the coals are the idiots in Berthier--Maskinong√© who elected her in the first place.

I can't believe a goofball like her wins her seat in the election; meanwhile Quebec voters in places like Pontiac give the foreign minister Lawrence Cannon the boot. He lost to an ex-Communist karate instructor. I wish I were making this up.

Can you imagine something like this happening in the USA? Or the UK?! I know this is a free country and the "people are always right" in a democracy, but really, voters in Quebec ought to be embarrassed.

For a couple of articles on the election race in Battlefords-Lloydminster, here's a writeup on the winning Conservative MP Gerry Ritz, plus a look at how the local Green guy fared. At least the Green candidate showed up at the debates here and did some campaigning -- that's more than what you can say for some of these new NDP MPs from Quebec.

That's it!

Tuesday, May 03, 2011


So  -- you know what usually goes down the day after the baseball or football season, when the general managers clean house and fire their head coaches or managers? That's the kind of day it's been in Canadian politics. Last night Gilles Duceppe resigned as Bloc leader after he lost both his seat and entire party on election night. This morning, Michael Ignatieff resigned as Liberal leader after losing his Etobicoke-Lakeshore seat.

In fact, it was a big changeover throughout Toronto and the GTA, with 30 Tories winning seats. It was a runaway.

I didn't think that was even possible. I guess times really are a-changin' in the land of Mayor Rob Ford. That Ford win last fall was no fluke occurence.

So many big names lost all over Canada that it's too many to name: Ken Dryden, Joe Volpe, Ruby Dhalla, Marc Garneau, Mark Holland... the whole list of what happened to the big names is here.

UPDATE: Ahem. It turned out the projections were wrong and Garneau kept his seat after all. But Martha Hall Findlay got the boot; so did Helena Guergis, and Ujjal Dosangh, and a whole whack of other people. Big bloodbath.

Monday, May 02, 2011


Wow. I am in utter shock at the election results from all over Canada. It's Stephen Harper's Conservatives winning a majority. A majority, 165 seats!!! What's more, it's the Liberals barely above 30 seats -- it's Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff defeated, it's Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe losing his seat and entire party (down to 3 seats!). The NDP won upwards of 60 seats in Quebec, mowing down many big names in the process including Lawrence Cannon.

Results from the CBC. Results from CTV. Results from Global.

Right now I'm watching Jack Layton address his audience to wild chants of "NDP! NDP!"

Wow. I mean, wow.

Sunday, May 01, 2011


What great breaking news to hear tonight -- a long time coming. Good riddance.