Friday, April 15, 2011


The big breaking news this week from the world of television is that ABC has cancelled All My Children and One Life to Live. That's right, Erica Kane (pictured, played by Susan Lucci) is dust.

This is positively shocking news and a major turning point in the history of television, because soaps have been a TV institution for decades. But we have been seeing a lot of these shows - As the World Turns, Guiding Light - go by the wayside in recent years. Now, there are just four of these shows left. This is basically a death-blow to the whole genre, but one not entirely unexpected as a lot of people had been speculating about it for the past few years.

The reason these shows are on their way out is because they are increasingly expensive to produce and the networks are finding out they can make more money in daytime on cheaper talk and information shows. That's what is replacing these soaps -- informative talk shows about food and stuff. 

Personally, I never watched the soaps and think most daytime television is a waste of time, with the syndicated shows being the worst trash and garbage out there. During the last six weeks I have been off work, I've seen way too much bad daytime television. About the only amusing daytime shows have been the "judge" shows and The Price is Right. Speaking of the latter -- I notice the networks got rid of virtually all of the game shows from daytime ages ago. Now they're finally getting rid of the soaps, too. This really is a major turning point for TV.

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