Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I have not said much until now on the ongoing NFL lockout situation.

Anyway, the lockout is over --- I guess. That's what the judge ruled the other day, anyway. But the league is appealing the ruling, and for all intents and purposes this labor war continues. i wouldn't be surprised if the lockout resumes, eventually.

All in all, I am not at all happy about this situation. Football is probably my favorite sport, so any loss of games is something I will not be happy with. Why the NFL would go to war with its players when they are at the top of the sporting ladder in the USA and making money hand over fist is beyond me. Part of the reason they are at the top is because of the perception from fans that the NFL has its act together. But that's now at risk, and you can bet there will be fan resistance to paying $75 tickets to games in the future if thetre's a walkout. Really, if the NFL doesn't care about its own games, why should we? Good question.

It's not just the NFL facing labor trouble -- the NBA could be locked out this year, too. All in all, it stinks to be an American sports fan right now. What will fans do this fall - watch NASCAR? Or maybe they'll watch hockey. (Hee hee.)

Speaking of hockey -- how good have the Stanley Cup playoffs been? It seems like every night some game somewhere has gone to overtime. No wonder NBC signed that 10-year deal with plans to play up the NHL in a similar manner to the NCAA basketball tournament. That is exactly the way to go in covering this league. These playoffs are exciting stuff -- more so than the NBA which manages to make even its most exciting series look boring by comparison.

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