Thursday, April 28, 2011


I haven't up until now said too much about the Canadian election. The truth is I was fed up with what I was seeing on TV about it, with all these political hacks spewing their party lines. I wrote this piece for the paper, which pretty much summed up my thoughts: that there are more important things going on in the world than this election. Heck,Wills and Kate are getting married tomorrow, even that's more important.

But I wrote that piece last week. Now, that column is all out of date and the reason is because of one man: Jack Layton. His NDP has managed to tap into the widespread disgust people have with politics as usual. People are turning to his party in large part because he isn't a Conservative, Liberal or Bloc Quebecois. People are associating these other parties with all the problems in Parliament. Add to that the fact they've run a positive campaign compared to the usual negativism from the Liberals and Conservatives, and suddenly they are capitalizing. Polls have them running second to the Tories at around 30 percent!

It looks as if the Liberals and Bloc are going to be big losers in this election. The Liberal platform is basically the same old rehashed Red Book policies that have lost the party the last two elections. Now, poor Michael Ignatieff is trotting out Jean Chretien to try and relive Liberal glory day of the past. The media rightfully see it as an act of desperation.

Meanwhile, voters in Quebec have finally wised up to the fact that their useless Bloc MPs have done absolutely nothing for Quebec, so they are taking their votes to the NDP. We could see some shock results out of Quebec on election night. One poll has them so far ahead in Montreal that I have trouble believing that the other parties are even going to keep any seats. And yet I keep seeing all these election prediction websites downplaying NDP chances when it is clear the party is going to make some stunning, stunning gains there on Monday.

As for the Conservatives, I dunno. It looks like they may not get their majority again, which means they are going to be in trouble.

I'll have more to say later, but for now, look forward to plenty of election coverage right here at the CAIRNS BLOG.

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