Thursday, April 07, 2011


Well, here I am with another edition of News from Nowhere, still recovering from a broken arm and typing this up very slowly with one hand. By the way, how do you like the new look of the site?

On to the news. I suppose a lot has been happening with the Canadian election still on, and the Americans pondering a government shutdown, and a new earthquake hitting Japan. I don't feel like talking about much of it, though. Eventually next week I should be able to talk more about the election, which so far has been a bit boring.

And the Charlie Sheen concert tour, prompted by his eviction from CBS, has moved on to Chicago and Ohio, and I gather the reaction there has been much better than in Detroit. But what do you expect from Detroit, the people there are all miserable right now.

Lots of rumors of big TV news anchor changes  -- rumor is Matt Lauer is quitting the Today Show, and Meredith Vieira is also quitting the show, and Katie Couric is supposed to be leaving the CBS Evening News, and Fox News has canned Glenn Beck's show.

Male viewers of Dancing With the Stars will be pleased to hear that dancer Karina Smirnoff will soon be in Playboy! Sweet! Life is good. In other Playboy news, wedding plans continue for Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris in what is sure to rival what the Royals have planned. (William and Kate are all over the news right now.)

And Bettie Page lookalike Claire Sinclair is going to be named Playmate of the Year, which kind of ticks me off because I had ranked, oh, about 11 other Playmates from 2010 ahead of her.

Sad news I learned recently- former CNN sports anchor Nick Charles is dying of cancer. An extensive writeup is here. 

And can you believe all this Donald Trump for President talk? Not everyone is amused by the prospect of the Donald uttering those famous words "Barack, you're fired!"

That is all for now.

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