Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well, barring a miracle the Stephen Harper government is going to fall tomorrow on a Liberal no-confidence motion, which means we are into a federal election.

Why these guys won't all get along in Parliament, I don't know. It seems to me this election promises to be a waste of time for everyone. In my view this is a case of three very bitter opposition parties, still mad over losing the 2008 election, flexing their muscles. They now accuse Harper's government of contempt for Parliament, but any contempt from the government side seems absolutely outweighed by the utter contempt the opposition has for the government. How the heck can Harper possibly work with this group of people? They'll have nothing good to say about his government, regardless of what numbers or documents the Conservatives provide them.

Oh, well. Get ready for weeks on end of attack ads on hockey broadcasts in this country. The campaign is on.  

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