Thursday, February 03, 2011


I hope I didn't come across as too uptight in that Lingerie Football post. The league may be completely stupid, but I do like stupidity from time to time because it allows me to give my cranium a rest.

With that said, on to another stupid topic: NFL cheerleaders.

You won't be seeing the AFC and NFC champions bringing cheerleading squads to the sidelines at this year's Super Bowl. This year's matchup features both Pittsburgh and Green Bay, two old-line NFL teams. Neither team has a cheerleading squad. In Pittsburgh's case, they used to have a squad years ago, but disbanded it and they have never come back. Cheerleaders just don't fit their rough-and-tumble image. In Green Bay's case, they did a poll in the Eighties showing the fans there couldn't care less, so they got rid of their squad.

The media has picked up on the story of this Cheerleader-less Super Bowl. I notice even the folks at Ultimate Cheerleaders are in mourning.

You know, I think it's good that some teams don't have cheerleaders. I have a lot of respect for teams that don't mess with traditions and which concentrate on the action on the field. That's what I like about the Steelers and the Packers. These are solid, community-minded franchises who eschew the flash and dash, and both have great organizations that have spanned the decades. The Steelers are the epitome of blue-collar football, playing in a blue-collar environment. In the Packers' case they play in creaky old Lambeau Field, where they have been forever. AND those fans wear cheese on their heads -- I can respect that.

I can respect two teams that direct all their focus to the game, both with passionate, loyal fans. A lot of media types like this matchup for those reasons and others.

It is odd, though, when you think of it, that these two old-line franchises would play their Super Bowl at, of all places, Cowboys Stadium -- the super-expensive House that Jerry Jones built. After all, the Dallas Cowboys, with the league's sexiest cheerleaders and all their flash and dash, are the complete opposite of the Steelers and Packers in the way they run things.

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