Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Welcome back to our live continuing coverage of Egypt. The other day, President Hosni Mubarak went on Egyptian state TV (they always call it "state TV") and he announced he would step down after the next election this fall. You would have thought that would have satisfied some people.

Unfortunately, that declaration has not quelled the situation, which got out of hand earlier today. People were throwing Molotov cocktails and getting violent, and now journalists are being attacked. CNN's "Master of Disaster" Anderson Cooper was roughed up by the Mubarak supporters.

There have been attempts at a media crackdown with the Internet being shut down by the government, but somehow the protesters have managed to get around it and word continues to get out about the situation. Meanwhile, the few remaining Westerners there are rushing to get the heck out.

Al Jazeera has been covering this chaos online at their site, and their coverage has continually referred to the anti-Mubarak forces as "pro-democracy demonstrators." Well, I sure hope these folks are pro-democracy and real democracy is something I want to see over there, but I wonder about whether that's really what a lot of these folks are after. I worry that an major element of the demonstrators don't really care about human rights at all, and would be willing to put in some Iran-type regime that would bring in all kinds of repressive measures and wipe Israel off the map. I saw one of these protesters on TV say they wanted Mubarak out because he supposedly supports Israel, and that "Israel is our enemy." That sort of sentiment worries me quite a bit.

Anyhow, this is getting to be a dangerous situation over there. Now there's gunfire between the protesters and the pro-Mubarak demonstrators. To be honest with you I don't see how Mubarak survives this chaos. I think he could be escorted out of Egypt within days.

I plan to continue to follow all the developments as they keep happening. It is now morning in Cairo.

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