Thursday, February 03, 2011


It's Super Bowl week here at the blog, so expect plenty of live continuing coverage of the fun aspects of this week, all in a full-court press to get your minds off of what's going on in Egypt.

With the arrival of the Super Bowl comes more appearances of -- you guessed it -- Miss January 2010 Jaime Edmondson wearing even more NFL gear.

Last fall Playboy featured Jaime, a former Miami Dolphins cheerleader, modeling clothing for the 12 teams it predicted would make the NFL playoffs. Well, that was a huge hit with the fans -- so huge that Jaime was invited back for the conference finals to model attire for the Bears and Steelers. Well, the good news is that she's now released photos modeling attire for all the rest of the teams in the league. And now she's re-created images from some of the most famous plays in Super Bowl history. 

In addition to that Jaime's also done commercials for Bud Light. And you can see her in the above video wearing Carolina Panthers attire and knocking people over. Wow Jaime, you rock, girl.

You know, she ought to do a photo spread where she wears Canadian Football League gear while she is at it -- it would definitely boost interest in the league. She'd look good wearing the green colors of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. (Although her red hair matches the colors of the hated Calgary Stampeders -- boo, hiss.)

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