Sunday, February 27, 2011


Watching these Oscar red carpet shows is interesting, only to see how the other half lives. I mean, I have no interest in any of these freaking fashions, but it's interesting seeing people obsessed by it all.

I think I want to move to LA and be in the movies. For one thing, I prefer the LA weather. For another, I find Oscar night fascinating and am secretly jealous of the entertainment reporters. But all this fashion obsession is definitely not for me -- I have no sense of style or any of that. Who cares about Armani.

Actually, the red carpet -- seeing the stars mingle with the fans and the press -- is the best part of Oscar night. Once the show begins the night usually goes to heck. (I think the Oscar night losers will agree with me on that statement.)

Anyway, you can watch the live stream from On the Red Carpet and also from KTLA. Other Oscar night coverage can be found from the prognosticators at The Envelope and Awards Daily, among others.

Oh, and the Farelly Brothers'  Hall Pass didn't win at the box office after all.  What a shocker. This was definitely the weekend of flops at theaters.

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