Thursday, January 06, 2011


Well, I still haven't gotten over the World Juniors result, but I have some free time to do this blog, so I might as well use it.

There is a new show on CBC called InSecurity. I didn't see the premiere this week, but I sure as heck plan to. It sounds like some sort of comedic take on the whole spy genre and it's made by some of the people who brought you Corner Gas. Here's what the co-creator had to say about it on CBC.

I'm interested in it for a couple of reasons. One is because, obviously, I'm a freak for following all things espionage, whether it is spy movies or actual spy-type people -- like that Russian Anna Chapman babe, who recently was also on TV, too. I wouldn't want to be a spy, but it's fun to follow them.

The other reason I'm interested in the show is because even though this show is set in Ottawa, it's actually filmed in Regina. Regina!!! That's basically my neck of the woods. Anyway, it's good to see some decent TV production still being done in Saskatchewan now that Corner Gas is kaput.

Oh, and by the way may I point out that it makes total sense for a show like this to be shot in Saskatchewan. You may think Saskatchewan is an odd place to make a spy TV show, but in fact this province happens to be a hotbed of fandom for the TV show Get Smart. Don't laugh. The local TV stations ran millions upon millions of reruns, and believe it or not Don Adams even shot a bunch of tourism commercials promoting Saskatchewan.

I'm totally digressing. Check this show out.

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