Saturday, January 15, 2011


So I am stuck here at home watching Peter Sellers movies on the DVD player and running down some of the stuff happening in the world. Quite a few things going on this weekend to get people over that horrible shooting in Tucson last week:

First, the NFL playoffs continue on.

As well, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure final tables are this weekend -- big weekend in the Bahamas for the poker people. Live updates here. Also, the Aussie Millions have started in Australia.
Too bad so many Americans are bent on outlawing online poker and making lives miserable for poker players (esp. the online players in the state of Washington.)

Maybe the poker players in Washington should move to Las Vegas where, among other things, there are more beautiful girls. Speaking of which: the Miss America Pageant is tonight. Full coverage on ABC TV and online at

Did you hear the big radio news out of Canada this week? The FAN radio stations in Calgary and Toronto have rebranded as "Sportsnet Radio." According to this article TSN is also planning to enter the radio wars and the word for some time has been that they are going to convert their absolutely lame-o CP24 Radio 1050 station in Toronto to TSN Sports Radio, and do the same with its other properties across Canada. They already turned their oldies station on 1290 in Winnipeg into a sports station, and I'm sure they are going to turn it into a TSN-branded station before too long. Keep an eye on that situation -- it could be some good news for sports radio listeners and could hopefully create jobs for people who cover sports for a living in this country.

In other radio news -- former homeless "Golden Voice" voiceover guy Ted Williams, who was plucked off the streets to a career in voiceovers,has truly made it as a celebrity now. Why? Because he's going into rehab. Thank you very much, Dr. Phil.

Auburn won the Tostitos BCS title 22-19 over Oregon, and all anyone can talk about is Brent Musburger's call of the game on ESPN -- "for all the Tostidos."  Many folks are not impressed.

And Dr. Conrad Murray is going to trial for manslaughter in the Michael Jackson case.

There's lots of important news going on in the world. Just not here.

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