Tuesday, January 04, 2011


Since there's not much else going on in North America right now, I thought I would kick the year off by talking about the big legal case du jour at the moment: the Michael Jackson death case, with his infamous doctor accused of manslaughter in connection to it. The preliminary hearing for Dr. Conrad Murray is now under way in Los Angeles.

As I said before, it sucks to be Michael Jackson's doctor. Everyone wants to lynch him, whether he's the guy responsible for Jacko's death or not. I wonder, though, whether he actually should be the one held responsible. This isn't some open-and-shut case to me.

Word is that the defence in this case is going to claim that Jacko basically overdosed all by himself and that it wasn't the Doctor's fault -- that it might have been some sort of suicide. I dunno if I would go that far, but I could see something like an accidental overdose happening.

We'll see what transpires. This is just the preliminary hearing, not the actual trial, so this is going to last quite a long time yet. I also highly doubt that we'll see the charges against the Doctor tossed out before an actual trial begins.  

All in all, this looks to be yet another gong show in southern California, with the usual press attention. I notice even TMZ is following this case bigtime. Every one of these legal matters down in LA seems to be a real freak show, with all these freaky celebrities usually involved in one way or another. I'm waiting for Nancy Grace's show to come on and find out what she has to say about it, although it seems to me as if Nancy has given up on celebrity trials and is devoting herself to missing persons and the like.

Here's an idea for a first-person story -- if this Jacko Death case keeps going for a while, maybe I should go down to Los Angeles and do a first-person story on this for the paper. Naaah, that'll be too expensive.   

In other important celebrity legal news, Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab and, thankfully, still out of jail. For now, anyway.

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