Wednesday, January 05, 2011


It's another scintillating World Junior Hockey final, and once again the only country on earth that cares about this event is, you guessed it, good old Canada. Isn't it sad that at every game the crowd is something like 95 percent Canadian? It was that way for the match against the USA on Monday -- pretty much everyone in the arena in BUFFALO was cheering for CANADA. Since when did Buffalo, New York become part of Canada?

It's like holding a basketball tournament in Canada and the only people who show up at the arena are Americans cheering for the USA. Hilarious. No one cares about this international tournament except for people in Canada. Why don't they simply forget about hosting this thing anywhere outside Canada's borders?

Canada currently leads this one 3-0 over the Russians after 2. Be sure not to flip over any cars in Buffalo after you win, Canadian fans.

UPDATE: What the heck?! It's now 3-3!

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