Sunday, January 16, 2011


Earlier this week I had a chance to do a review of the year at the box office for 2010. You can read it here. As you can tell by the graphic, Toy Story 3 was the biggest winner at the box office last year, finishing Number One among all releases -- although if you really wanted to be technical about it, Avatar from 2009 was the real winner because it made most of its record-setting gross during the winter and spring of 2010.  

What a year to forget, too -- box office was down, and the attendance was down even more. I talk a bit about how the public is turned off by all the 3D movies. It's not so much that people don't like 3D -- it's that they feel they are being ripped off. People are not happy about spending upwards of $20 on 3D. At a lot of theaters, too, the 3D version of the movie is becoming the only option you can see, so it really is getting to be a big ripoff. There have been plenty of articles about that, too. Hopefully 2011 will be better, but forgive me for not being overly optimistic on that score.

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