Tuesday, December 07, 2010


So another link to my existence in Toronto is gone. Mark Dailey of Citytv passed away the other day after his long fight with cancer. He was of course well known as the Citytv late-night anchorman, but his real talent was for doing practically all the voiceover work with his deep baritone voice introducing "Citytv, Everywhere." One of my favorite memories from my early days in Ontario in the Nineties was tuning in to Citytv and hearing Dailey doing all the voiceovers on all the promos and the late night "Late Great" movies.

Now Dailey himself can be referred to as Late and Great, and way too soon. As I say, way too many of my happy memories of Toronto are now just that, memories. Here's the Citytv tribute here. And that is all for now.

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