Sunday, December 12, 2010


Uh, hi. It has been a hairy last several hours across North America with all the bad winter weather everywhere. The midwestern USA has been particularly hard-hit by blizzards and it is expected to move east and sock all those fine folks as well. The big news is how massive a snow dump fell on Minnesota, with the roof of the Metrodome field caving in because of all the snow. As a result the Vikings and Giants have been forced to move their game to Detroit. Read about the NFL's plans here.

Canada has also gotten socked -- earlier, there was a big dump of snow on London, Ontario. And we hear that other parts of the world have been getting some nasty cold weather as well. I notice there are plenty of  stories out there about the cold weather paralyzing Europe and making people there all miserable. I also understand the typically-warm places like Cancun are also getting record-lows.

Don't worry about the global-warming crowd and the sure-fire hit to their credibility this round of weather is sure to take -- apparently they are all busy blaming the cold snap on global warming. I sum up such statements with the usual "question mark" and "exclamation point". 

That's it for me -- excuse me now as I continue to try and warm up inside away from the cold.

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