Friday, December 31, 2010


Well, enjoy watching all the sports over the next few days. I will, because I've got three days off and plan to spend some quality time goofing off from writing this blog.  

For college football bowl games, be sure to check out all the scores here.

The outdoor NHL Winter Classic is on January 1st but the game between Pittsburgh and Washington has been pushed back to 8PM Eastern time because, well, the weather at Heinz Field is going to be wet and too hot. (!!!!)

The World Junior Hockey Championship also continues in Buffalo, New York, USA -- but you'll never know it's in the USA with all the Canadian fans in the stands.

Finally, the NFL regular season wraps up Sunday. Hopefully this weekend's games won't be the only regular-season NFL football we'll see in 2011, but the dark labor clouds are on the horizon.

Try not to get hung over; you don't want to miss all this good sports action. That's it for 2010, see you in 2011.

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