Thursday, December 23, 2010


It just occured to me -- in my job I cover plenty of hot and heavy issues and interview lots of important political leaders, these big names that people have heard about. I think it must take a special talent to be able to write about heavy political issues and then turn around and write about Yogi Bear. I dunno if anyone pays for that sort of thing, though.

News items I have been following over the last while:

New Edmonton Oilers cheerleaders introduced. Folks in Edmonton can cool off -- these girls don't look like "strippers" in the least.
Maple Leaf fans are so frustrated they are now tossing waffles onto the ice.
It's a debacle in Hamilton as the Tiger-Cats stadium proposal falls apart at city council.
Those senseless North Koreans want to have a war. Pleasant folks.
There have been storms in California, which are likely to end up turning into storms everywhere else.

That's enough for now, back to watching bowl games for me.

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