Friday, December 31, 2010


Last year around this same time Nancy O'Dell was leaving Access Hollywood two years before her contract was up, and was not sure what the future was going to hold. Well, earlier this year she found out she was going to replace the legendary Mary Hart over at Entertainment Tonight, with the changeover happening later in 2011.

Here is a Fox News story on the surprising turn of events that led to O'Dell getting the gig, which everyone had expected would go to that total girly-girl Lara Spencer from The Insider. O'Dell claims she didn't elbow anyone out and I happen to think that it was kind of a fluke that she got the gig -- I don't think she had been campaigning for it.

In fact, it's kind of surprising that she is taking over on ET because of how tabloidy that show has become. O'Dell even said in that article that she left Access Hollywood because she was uncomfortable with the tabloid direction of that show. But ET has really turned tabloid in a big way the last few years. Maybe ET is going to allow Nancy to be Nancy and not force her to be something she isn't. Or maybe they are looking to class things up at ET in the future and return the show to what it used to be before. That would be a change for the better.

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