Thursday, December 09, 2010


Well, tonight marks the season finale for this fall's edition of The Apprentice -- otherwise known as the "laid-off, second-chance" edition with a contestant pool consisting mainly of America's biggest losers in the economic recession. Actually, I think it's really depressing that it has come to this. Here are good, hard-working Americans, all ruined by this wretched economy and forced to rely on Donald Trump's reality show to make it back. You know the really sad part? After being fired for real once before, It's yet another chance to be humiliated all over again. On national television, no less. 

We've seen plenty of humiliation this season already. We saw one woman, Mahsa, fired for essentially being an obnoxious, big-mouthed New Yorker. Another one, David, was a complete loose cannon whom the rest of his team wanted fired one week, only to make what Trump described as the "biggest comeback in the show's history" the next. Then he went back to being a fool and he led his team to defeat, and was fired. The most interesting case was of this one guy Anand who decided to text his buddies and try and get them to help him win on the show -- which turned out to be a violation of the show's rules and regulations! "This sort of thinking  is why Wall Street got in so much trouble," the Donald said, and he fired the guy on the spot. (Oddly enough, for the finale he was invited to come back and redeem himself for his earlier messup!)

You'd think all this humiliation would ruin peoples' career futures for all time, but they've been showing clips all season at the end of the show, showing the progress of all the people that were fired. And they'd all be bragging about how they got new jobs and are basically better off because they appeared on The Apprentice. This, my friends, is why America is in the sorry state it is in today -- if you want to get ahead, you have to appear on reality TV. Working hard and being intelligent is not enough. Anyway, all these folks who were big losers in the economy before appearing on Trump's show are now, for the most part, better off -- thanks to the Donald. What a great guy, eh?

Anyway, it's down to two people in the finale and I really don't care anymore who wins. Neither does America, apparently -- the ratings were in the sink and this appears to be the definite end of the line for the non-celebrity original version of the show.

It's kind of too bad, I used to like the show at one point in time -- but I am not surprised, as this season has reverted to the usual predictable firings we have come to expect. You could see Clint and Brandy ending up as finalists for miles away. Actually, it's a little discouraging for someone interested in business to see the usual boring people who follow orders all the time getting ahead on Trump's show. It's keep your head down and tow the line, or be fired. That's the way it has been the entire run of this series. It's frustrating for people who might fit outside the mould or who think outside the box.

UPDATE: In the wake of Thursday night's surprisingly low-key Apprentice finale, TV Squad socks it to the Donald and gives five reasons why this show needs to retire.  

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