Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Well, now that the real World Series is over, won by the San Francisco Giants last night, we can concentrate on that other World Series -- the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

The Main Event final table is due to happen later this week, beginning Nov. 6. In the meantime, ESPN has been busy the last few weeks, turning Tuesday nights over to coverage of the rest of the Main Event field taped earlier this summer over a number of days at the Rio. Of course, we all know what happened because we already read Poker News and the like, so we all know "The Grinder" Michael Mizrachi made it to the final table already while the rest of his brothers did not. But that hasn't stopped ESPN from showing its delayed coverage, with Lon McEachern and Norman Chad covering this thing as if it were brand new.

Here's an article I scooped up from a while ago about the ESPN broadcast team -- who are good at their jobs, although Chad can be a little annoying at times. Hey bud, do your research; not every university has a football team called the Rambling Wreck

Coming up next: more election coverage. Woo hoo!

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