Friday, November 12, 2010


Well, welcome to another cold Friday. All I have to say is I'm very happy I still live somewhere where there is still no snow on the ground. I don't know how long this will continue, though -- I expect it will be blizzards and minus-30 in no time. Anyway, on to this week's News from Nowhere.

First, news from earlier this week -- we have a new World Series of Poker main event champion, and he is CANADIAN. Jonathan Duhamel took down the title Monday night in Las Vegas, although the real turning point came the previous morning when he took a $177 million pot in a showdown with Joseph Cheong that basically gave him a monster insurmountable chip lead. Duhamel's victory means he wins $8.9 million cool ones. Here's the account of the exciting action from Saturday right here. The Monday action is here.

Also, Conan O'Brien's new show began to air on Monday, and no one has to worry -- it's the same idiocy we got from him before. It's also the same old ratings story as the last show -- after a good opening night the ratings went down on night 2.  

Oh. by the way, the show only airs Monday to Thursday. So don't worry, Coco fans, if you don't see him on the air tonight --he has NOT been cancelled!

Other news from TV. Lou Dobbs, who used to have a show on that sinking ship CNN, has joined Fox Business. Another talking head, Keith Olbermann, was briefly suspended by MSNBC for contributing to Democratic campaigns but has since been reinstated.

And we have a replacement lined up for Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight, the wonderful Nancy O'Dell, formerly of Access Hollywood. So much for all the hype about Lara Spencer getting the gig -- all those rumors must have been people making that stuff up, as usual. Hollywood is full of liars telling reporters all kinds of stuff.

Some really sad news to report out of Seattle. Dave Niehaus, Hall of Fame baseball announcer for the Seattle Mariners, died of a heart attack this week at age 75. It seems like something like this happens every year to some team. Here's what Ken Levine, his former broadcast partner on Mariner games, had to say about it.

In other baseball news Jon Miller and Joe Morgan have been given the boot from Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN TV. There's still a chance Miller could wash up on ESPN Radio again. Still, I don't get it! Miller's one of the greats of the booth.

More sad news from Hollywood from earlier this week: Jill Clayburgh has passed away at age 66.

More bellyaching in Toronto over that NFL game they hosted last week with the terrible 0-8 Bills. Personally, I think the Bills should just scrap their Toronto series and go back to Buffalo. Clearly, Toronto still has no clue whether it wants these games to begin with, nor do they know how to properly put one of these things on. They can't even get tailgating right.

Anyway, here's a piece in the Globe and Mail about the annual game that was played last week.

And more fallout from the Edmonton Indy cancellation with more of the anti-racing types of people crowing about all the money the city will save. Some people in Edmonton, though, feel they can still save the race. Good luck with that. Remind me to do a post later on about the whole state of things in auto racing -- we're seeing a lot of empty seats in a lot of places.

Finally, did you hear about this news The Daily Beast has bought Newsweek!  

That's about it for now.

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