Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, hold the phone about the Edmonton Indy just yet. Earlier, they made the announcement that it was cancelled, but now the local business people in Edmonton are raising heck about the race's departure and want to see some sort of solution. They are working behind the scenes to bring the city and the promoters Octane together to try and restore the race. As well, rumors are flying about possible NASCAR Nationwide Series involvement in the event now. They may have NASCAR Nationwide one week, then Indycar the next.

All in all, I'm very happy to see pro-racing people take a stand and show their support for an event that, quite frankly, wasn't getting much of the same from City Hall up to now. People are now starting to realize that losing the race could really make Edmonton look like a cowtown and jeopardize some of the other things they want to attract there (ie World's Fair 2017). 

This race was scrapped over a measly $2 million in runway improvements at the airport/race track? What a farce. And to heck with all the people who say auto racing pollutes the environment. You just can't allow these anti-racing types to have the floor all the time -- you have to stand up for yourselves, and that's what these Indy supporters are doing. Besides, auto racing is good for Edmonton; it brings in people like me from out of town to spend money there at least once a year. No doubt the local business people are worried about seeing tons of consumer spending from respectable tourists go right out the window if this thing leaves town. I sure hope they are able to succeed and save the race.

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