Sunday, November 28, 2010


Well, today is the day of the big Grey Cup game in Edmonton between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Montreal Alouettes.

It's been a heady last few days of partying in Edmonton. Among other things, there was a big bash including the Playboy Playmates. Making the rounds have been Playmates Crystal McCahill and Stacy Fuson -- and Stacy made herself a bunch of new friends from the wheat province next door, because she is cheering for the Riders! (Crystal, though, is cheering for Montreal. Boo, hiss.)

Meanwhile, the big story this week has been "Hotelgate" with the Alouettes loudly voicing to the Commissioner how slighted they are at the supposed crappy hotel they are staying at, compared to the swanky Riders accomodations. Also, I understand they also feel slighted because the Riders fans, known as Rider Nation, received a special Commissioners Award for their fandom. Personally, I think this is all head games by the head coach Marc Trestman. This is just the usual motivational "US against THEM" mentality and a big media distraction. I think this is exactly what Montreal wants -- for the press to be distracted so that they can concentrate on their preparations for the game.

It kind of looks bad, though, on the Alouettes to do all this whining and complaining. You get the feeling they are getting blase about appearing in the big game. If you're going to whine, whine when you LOSE the GAME -- at least that's worth whining over.

As for the fans of the Riders receiving the Commissioners Award, I think that's kind of a distraction and just serves to get the Alouettes all fired up and mad. I'm sorry, but Rider fans don't want any Commissioners Awards about how great we are. All we want is the Grey Cup.   

We'll see who wins. I sure hope I don't get too high a blood pressure watching this game, unlike last year.

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