Thursday, November 25, 2010


This is a great time of year for football - the traditional Thanksgiving football games. And you know what this means, folks: this is my annual excuse to once again swoon over those gorgeous shorts-wearing hotties the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (OMG!!!) -- who, obviously, have had nothing to cheer about today or this entire season. 

(How about those Texas Rangers!)

Anyway, I notice some of the cheerleaders can sing, too. Check out this video of the cheerleaders performing the national anthem at a recent fight at Cowboys Stadium. That's what these Dallas cheerleaders ought to do more of -- both sing and dance. Then they'd have all the other cheerleading squads all beat.

The Detroit Lions, who as I pointed out in this article do not have any cheerleaders at all, also lost today. (And I don't care what people say -- Detroit Lions at home at Thanksgiving is one of those great football traditions that ought to continue, regardless of how bad the team is. If you're going to boot the Lions off TV on Thanksgiving, you'll also have to boot off the Cowboys, who have been about as bad.)

In addition to all the great football today, the Grey Cup is coming on Sunday. And we won't even have to worry about NASCAR distracting us.

Of course, the best thing about Sunday's Grey Cup game is that the Riders are in it. Here are my thoughts about it here. That's all for today.

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