Monday, November 01, 2010


I am in the middle of tuning into another riveting World Series game, so this is going to be a fairly quick News from Nowhere for me, as I want to get this over with and watch the Giants try and eliminate the Rangers to win their first world title in something like 200 years.

First, the terrorists were on the loose again trying to send explosives on UPS planes from Yemen. I hope this is the end of it, but I doubt it.

Also, election day is tomorrow in the USA and I have no doubt voters are going to send a big message to President Barack Obama and his reckless band of know-it-alls in Congress who are running the United States into the ground with their spending.

I just hope it's not a total Republican sweep to power, though -- some of their candidates are really just too nuts (Delaware's Christine O'Donnell, for one -- "I am not a witch").

In lighter news, the "Bad Boy watch" continues as Charlie Sheen was apparently on the loose with the hookers again. Won't these Hollywood guys ever learn?

Same with the sports guys -- what with this Brett Favre- Jenn Sterger photos-texting nonsense from last month. Anyway, that's still under investigation.

In movie news Saw 3D dethroned last week's champ, Paranormal Activity 2, at the box office. I plan to write up a box office update for the newspaper pretty soon.

Also, I noticed some more stories about that new movie Tamara Drewe (pictured) starring Gemma Arterton. You know, that movie where Arterton has to wear sexy shorts. It finally opened in October, but unfortunately, the movie has been a flop. 

Big freaking scandal: the Edmonton Oilers are getting cheerleaders! I will have more to say on this topic later this week in a blog post on the News-Optimist website.

And the big story in Saskatchewan is this whole BHP Billiton attempted takeover of PotashCorp, with the federal government expected to make a decision on whether it meets the Investment Canada Act this week.The Saskatchewan government came out against the proposed takeover last week and Terence Corcoran let them have it, as did others. 

Still scoreless in that World Series game. That's it for now.

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