Thursday, November 25, 2010


In addition to being a big shopping weekend, Thanksgiving in the USA is also a big movie weekend with plenty of new releases rolling out. One of them, Burlesque, stars Christina Aguilera and Cher -- but in spite of the title, it doesn't have any nudity in it, apparently. Hey, guys, next time you produce a movie called Burlesque, make sure it's realistic! (Obviously not a movie aimed at the male demographic.)

One movie that does have nudity in it is Love and Other Drugs, a romantic comedy about, well, pharmaceuticals. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a drug salesman and Anne Hathaway as his lover, and from all accounts these two can't keep their clothes on to save their lives in this saucy movie. So, obviously, it sounds like exactly the type of thing that guys will want to rush to see. 

Jake and Anne were both shown getting naked on the cover of Entertainment Weekly recently, hamming it up. Those two sure look like they are enjoying themselves. Anyway, they figure that will get people all excited about the movie and boost the box office. The film is directed by Ed Zwick who -- wait a minute, wasn't he involved with that pretentious Eighties TV show thirtysomething?! Lessee, let's check IMDB here -- yes, indeed, he was.

Yecch. If that's the case maybe I'll skip it.  

In other big news, Lindsay Lohan, who can't keep out of jail to save her life, has been booted from that new Linda Lovelace biopic she was supposed to be doing called Inferno. Or maybe she quit. At least, that's the line of bull her people want you to believe.

Anyway, the new star of Inferno is smoking-hot Swedish-Canadian movie actress and CAIRNS BLOG fave Malin Akerman (pictured), a woman who never seems to wear any clothes in any movies she is in  (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, The Heartbreak Kid, Watchmen, etc).

Obviously, she should have been the first choice all along.   

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