Sunday, November 28, 2010


You know, as a Saskatchewan Roughriders fan I think I now know how it must feel for NFL fans of the Cleveland Browns.

They had to put up with the Interception, the Drive, the Fumble and even the Traitor (Art Modell). We've had the Interception, the 13th Man, the Catch, the Field Goal...

At least we can say that of the three Grey Cups we were in in the last four years that at least we won one of them. That's more than the Browns can say, that's more than the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings can say.

And life is not all bad in Saskatchewan, the Saskatoon Hilltops won the Canadian Bowl this year in junior football. So cheer up, Rider fans -- or at least, have a very strong beverage to drink to get over another one of these.

It's on to hockey season now for us in Saskatchewan. Go Saskatoon Blades! That's all.


Well, today is the day of the big Grey Cup game in Edmonton between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Montreal Alouettes.

It's been a heady last few days of partying in Edmonton. Among other things, there was a big bash including the Playboy Playmates. Making the rounds have been Playmates Crystal McCahill and Stacy Fuson -- and Stacy made herself a bunch of new friends from the wheat province next door, because she is cheering for the Riders! (Crystal, though, is cheering for Montreal. Boo, hiss.)

Meanwhile, the big story this week has been "Hotelgate" with the Alouettes loudly voicing to the Commissioner how slighted they are at the supposed crappy hotel they are staying at, compared to the swanky Riders accomodations. Also, I understand they also feel slighted because the Riders fans, known as Rider Nation, received a special Commissioners Award for their fandom. Personally, I think this is all head games by the head coach Marc Trestman. This is just the usual motivational "US against THEM" mentality and a big media distraction. I think this is exactly what Montreal wants -- for the press to be distracted so that they can concentrate on their preparations for the game.

It kind of looks bad, though, on the Alouettes to do all this whining and complaining. You get the feeling they are getting blase about appearing in the big game. If you're going to whine, whine when you LOSE the GAME -- at least that's worth whining over.

As for the fans of the Riders receiving the Commissioners Award, I think that's kind of a distraction and just serves to get the Alouettes all fired up and mad. I'm sorry, but Rider fans don't want any Commissioners Awards about how great we are. All we want is the Grey Cup.   

We'll see who wins. I sure hope I don't get too high a blood pressure watching this game, unlike last year.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


This is a great time of year for football - the traditional Thanksgiving football games. And you know what this means, folks: this is my annual excuse to once again swoon over those gorgeous shorts-wearing hotties the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders (OMG!!!) -- who, obviously, have had nothing to cheer about today or this entire season. 

(How about those Texas Rangers!)

Anyway, I notice some of the cheerleaders can sing, too. Check out this video of the cheerleaders performing the national anthem at a recent fight at Cowboys Stadium. That's what these Dallas cheerleaders ought to do more of -- both sing and dance. Then they'd have all the other cheerleading squads all beat.

The Detroit Lions, who as I pointed out in this article do not have any cheerleaders at all, also lost today. (And I don't care what people say -- Detroit Lions at home at Thanksgiving is one of those great football traditions that ought to continue, regardless of how bad the team is. If you're going to boot the Lions off TV on Thanksgiving, you'll also have to boot off the Cowboys, who have been about as bad.)

In addition to all the great football today, the Grey Cup is coming on Sunday. And we won't even have to worry about NASCAR distracting us.

Of course, the best thing about Sunday's Grey Cup game is that the Riders are in it. Here are my thoughts about it here. That's all for today.


In addition to being a big shopping weekend, Thanksgiving in the USA is also a big movie weekend with plenty of new releases rolling out. One of them, Burlesque, stars Christina Aguilera and Cher -- but in spite of the title, it doesn't have any nudity in it, apparently. Hey, guys, next time you produce a movie called Burlesque, make sure it's realistic! (Obviously not a movie aimed at the male demographic.)

One movie that does have nudity in it is Love and Other Drugs, a romantic comedy about, well, pharmaceuticals. It stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a drug salesman and Anne Hathaway as his lover, and from all accounts these two can't keep their clothes on to save their lives in this saucy movie. So, obviously, it sounds like exactly the type of thing that guys will want to rush to see. 

Jake and Anne were both shown getting naked on the cover of Entertainment Weekly recently, hamming it up. Those two sure look like they are enjoying themselves. Anyway, they figure that will get people all excited about the movie and boost the box office. The film is directed by Ed Zwick who -- wait a minute, wasn't he involved with that pretentious Eighties TV show thirtysomething?! Lessee, let's check IMDB here -- yes, indeed, he was.

Yecch. If that's the case maybe I'll skip it.  

In other big news, Lindsay Lohan, who can't keep out of jail to save her life, has been booted from that new Linda Lovelace biopic she was supposed to be doing called Inferno. Or maybe she quit. At least, that's the line of bull her people want you to believe.

Anyway, the new star of Inferno is smoking-hot Swedish-Canadian movie actress and CAIRNS BLOG fave Malin Akerman (pictured), a woman who never seems to wear any clothes in any movies she is in  (Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, The Heartbreak Kid, Watchmen, etc).

Obviously, she should have been the first choice all along.   

Monday, November 22, 2010


Before we find out the official winner of this fall's Dancing With the Stars, I want to discuss Bristol Palin.

Sarah Palin's two-left-feet daughter has been getting trashed by the judges on that show while other contestants have been outscoring her. Yet in spite of her mediocre dancing ability she is getting bailed out by the voting public. So now, she's in the finals and has a serious shot at winning the whole thing!

No doubt about it, the people aren't voting for her dancing. No, instead they are voting based on POLITICS. The only reason Bristol Palin is getting votes is because she's Sarah Palin's daughter, pure and simple. It truly is the "right-wing conspiracy" at work.

It's also a reason behind why Sarah's new Alaska show on TLC is already off to a strong start. The ratings for Sarah Palin's Alaska are through the roof, and it's all because her dittohead Tea Party supporters are tuning her in en masse, whether they care about Alaska or not. If anyone else was doing this show besides Palin -- ie. Joe Nonpolitical from Alaska or, good heavens, a Democrat -- believe me, no one would watch.

Honestly, is this what America is coming to? People watching television shows based on their political affiliations? I mean, it's bad enough when you have Republicans only tuning in Fox News and Democrats only tuning in MSNBC or CNN. It was bad enough when you had Republicans tuning in Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and the like, while the Democrats got their marching orders from Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz et. al.

But now -- now, even the entertainment shows are getting affected. It was bad enough when the comedy shows started getting political and people started taking marching orders from big Liberal Jon Stewart about what TV shows to watch. Stewart singlehandedly got a show cancelled (Crossfire) just by criticizing it! Then you had politics creep in to the beauty pageants and ruining things there (Carrie Prejean and her marriage comments during Miss USA). We're also getting more politically-slanted movies these days, with folks at home picking which movies they want to see based on whether they're liberal or conservative! Now, people at home are even voting for reality talent show contestants based on party lines instead of talent! The dittoheads truly are ruling the roost everywhere!

All I will say is that if Bristol Palin wins Dancing With the Stars it will be a disgrace and further proof that the USA is in serious trouble, and proof that the priorities of the folks living down there are truly warped and dominated by politics. These folks out there in middle America aren't interested in making their own independent decisions or using their own judgement. Merit is totally out of the equation -- it's just "follow the leader" down there and "support your party". These dittohead Palin supporters are doing just that. They're marching in unison and voting with their eyeballs.

By the way, I actually don't think Bristol Palin will end up winning Dancing With the Stars in the end. You know why? Because you can bet these Democrats who take their marching orders from on high will have surely clued in to what's been happening on the show! Those dittoheads in THAT party are sure to ring those phones for the opposition to defeat her, and just in the nick of time! America -- what a country.


This was Championship Weekend all over the place.

And in CANADIAN football, it will once again be the Montreal Alouettes against the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Grey Cup. The winning Riders returned home last night after their bone-chilling upset win in Calgary.

Let's go Riders! That's all.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


All I will say about this development is that the future King of England can sure pick 'em. Kate Middleton is smoking hot. I'd marry her, too.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Well, hold the phone about the Edmonton Indy just yet. Earlier, they made the announcement that it was cancelled, but now the local business people in Edmonton are raising heck about the race's departure and want to see some sort of solution. They are working behind the scenes to bring the city and the promoters Octane together to try and restore the race. As well, rumors are flying about possible NASCAR Nationwide Series involvement in the event now. They may have NASCAR Nationwide one week, then Indycar the next.

All in all, I'm very happy to see pro-racing people take a stand and show their support for an event that, quite frankly, wasn't getting much of the same from City Hall up to now. People are now starting to realize that losing the race could really make Edmonton look like a cowtown and jeopardize some of the other things they want to attract there (ie World's Fair 2017). 

This race was scrapped over a measly $2 million in runway improvements at the airport/race track? What a farce. And to heck with all the people who say auto racing pollutes the environment. You just can't allow these anti-racing types to have the floor all the time -- you have to stand up for yourselves, and that's what these Indy supporters are doing. Besides, auto racing is good for Edmonton; it brings in people like me from out of town to spend money there at least once a year. No doubt the local business people are worried about seeing tons of consumer spending from respectable tourists go right out the window if this thing leaves town. I sure hope they are able to succeed and save the race.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Well, welcome to another cold Friday. All I have to say is I'm very happy I still live somewhere where there is still no snow on the ground. I don't know how long this will continue, though -- I expect it will be blizzards and minus-30 in no time. Anyway, on to this week's News from Nowhere.

First, news from earlier this week -- we have a new World Series of Poker main event champion, and he is CANADIAN. Jonathan Duhamel took down the title Monday night in Las Vegas, although the real turning point came the previous morning when he took a $177 million pot in a showdown with Joseph Cheong that basically gave him a monster insurmountable chip lead. Duhamel's victory means he wins $8.9 million cool ones. Here's the account of the exciting action from Saturday right here. The Monday action is here.

Also, Conan O'Brien's new show began to air on Monday, and no one has to worry -- it's the same idiocy we got from him before. It's also the same old ratings story as the last show -- after a good opening night the ratings went down on night 2.  

Oh. by the way, the show only airs Monday to Thursday. So don't worry, Coco fans, if you don't see him on the air tonight --he has NOT been cancelled!

Other news from TV. Lou Dobbs, who used to have a show on that sinking ship CNN, has joined Fox Business. Another talking head, Keith Olbermann, was briefly suspended by MSNBC for contributing to Democratic campaigns but has since been reinstated.

And we have a replacement lined up for Mary Hart on Entertainment Tonight, the wonderful Nancy O'Dell, formerly of Access Hollywood. So much for all the hype about Lara Spencer getting the gig -- all those rumors must have been people making that stuff up, as usual. Hollywood is full of liars telling reporters all kinds of stuff.

Some really sad news to report out of Seattle. Dave Niehaus, Hall of Fame baseball announcer for the Seattle Mariners, died of a heart attack this week at age 75. It seems like something like this happens every year to some team. Here's what Ken Levine, his former broadcast partner on Mariner games, had to say about it.

In other baseball news Jon Miller and Joe Morgan have been given the boot from Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN TV. There's still a chance Miller could wash up on ESPN Radio again. Still, I don't get it! Miller's one of the greats of the booth.

More sad news from Hollywood from earlier this week: Jill Clayburgh has passed away at age 66.

More bellyaching in Toronto over that NFL game they hosted last week with the terrible 0-8 Bills. Personally, I think the Bills should just scrap their Toronto series and go back to Buffalo. Clearly, Toronto still has no clue whether it wants these games to begin with, nor do they know how to properly put one of these things on. They can't even get tailgating right.

Anyway, here's a piece in the Globe and Mail about the annual game that was played last week.

And more fallout from the Edmonton Indy cancellation with more of the anti-racing types of people crowing about all the money the city will save. Some people in Edmonton, though, feel they can still save the race. Good luck with that. Remind me to do a post later on about the whole state of things in auto racing -- we're seeing a lot of empty seats in a lot of places.

Finally, did you hear about this news The Daily Beast has bought Newsweek!  

That's about it for now.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Yes, indeed, Monday night is the night Conan O'Brien's new show on TBS debuts in late night. The show also airs very late in Canada on CTV at 1 am, and a little earlier on the Comedy Network. Check your local listings, the times may have changed (as you know).

Now that he is back working on TV, hopefully Conan will feel a bit better about life in general after that miserable departure of his from NBC.

Predictably, The Late Shift author Bill Carter is back again with yet another book chronicling the late-night TV wars and all the behind-the-scenes stuff that went on, this one called The War for Late Night. Conan talked about how toxic things got with NBC when he went on 60 Minutes and we get a good idea of what he meant by that with Carter's book. Here's an excerpt of Carter's account, told in the pages of Vanity Fair.

Saturday, November 06, 2010


The November Nine are playing poker in the Penn and Teller Theater at the Rio in Las Vegas in the final table for the World Series of Poker Main Event. Among the contenders: two Canadians, Matthew Jarvis and the man going in as chip leader, Jonathan Duhamel. You can follow it all here with live updates at the WSOP site; as well with live reports at Poker News. As for me, I'll be following this and football games all day long. Shuffle up and deal, poker folks!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


So the story broke in the last 24 hours that the Edmonton Indy has gone belly-up. The new promoter Octane suddenly walked away from a deal with the city, apparently/reportedly over behind-the-scenes skullduggery involving costs to upgrade the runways that the promoter was left holding the bag for -- something they hadn't counted on when they signed on to the deal with the city for this event earlier this year.

Here's the whole sad story here, and here's what Terry Jones has to say in the Edmonton Sun..I don't think I'm quite as outraged as Terry Jones obviously is, and I don't even have the kind of outraged reaction to this news that I had when the Toronto and Montreal races had to take a year off. I guess I'm just tired and weary from all the off-the-track problems this race has had. This latest gong show behind the scenes is one more to go along with the rest of them.

It's too bad, because the fans actually showed up for this event -- unlike other tracks throughout North America. The race fans in the West deserve a lot better than this nonsense they have gotten from everyone in charge. Now I'm in the odd position of having no Indy race to be able to go to in 2011, having lived within driving distance of races for a decade-and-half. I have no idea what I'll do next year. I guess I'll be reduced to going to a NASCAR Canadian Tire race next year, darnit!   

There are now stories circulating that this Indy event could still be rescued, but I have my doubts. Also, the rumors are flying about the event maybe winding up in Calgary when all is said and done. I don't know if it will happen, but it would be better than nothing as far as I'm concerned. Talk about sticking it to Edmonton.


Now, really, who can be mad at these lovely ladies?

Apparently, Edmonton Oilers fans are. They've made their fury felt over the prospect of the Oilers being the first Canadian team to have a cheerleader squad just like the one in Carolina for the Hurricanes (pictured). Uptight people. Anyway, I wrote all about it here.

I will have more to say about events in that cowtown Edmonton a little later (in particular, concerning a certain auto race there that today went belly-up).

Have a nice day. In the meantime I'm still trying to get over the big news of Jerry Brown getting elected governor of California --- as well as the news that BHP Billiton's PotashCorp bid got rejected by the government of Canada.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Latest results from the following:
Fox News
CBS News plus webcast here.
ABC News

Results soon. Already Rand Paul winning in Kentucky for the Tea Party.
UPDATE: It's Republican control of the House! Possibly a 60 seat pickup. Gains in the Senate. President Obama will have a lot to say about it on TV tomorrow.


Well, now that the real World Series is over, won by the San Francisco Giants last night, we can concentrate on that other World Series -- the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

The Main Event final table is due to happen later this week, beginning Nov. 6. In the meantime, ESPN has been busy the last few weeks, turning Tuesday nights over to coverage of the rest of the Main Event field taped earlier this summer over a number of days at the Rio. Of course, we all know what happened because we already read Poker News and the like, so we all know "The Grinder" Michael Mizrachi made it to the final table already while the rest of his brothers did not. But that hasn't stopped ESPN from showing its delayed coverage, with Lon McEachern and Norman Chad covering this thing as if it were brand new.

Here's an article I scooped up from a while ago about the ESPN broadcast team -- who are good at their jobs, although Chad can be a little annoying at times. Hey bud, do your research; not every university has a football team called the Rambling Wreck

Coming up next: more election coverage. Woo hoo!

Monday, November 01, 2010


I am in the middle of tuning into another riveting World Series game, so this is going to be a fairly quick News from Nowhere for me, as I want to get this over with and watch the Giants try and eliminate the Rangers to win their first world title in something like 200 years.

First, the terrorists were on the loose again trying to send explosives on UPS planes from Yemen. I hope this is the end of it, but I doubt it.

Also, election day is tomorrow in the USA and I have no doubt voters are going to send a big message to President Barack Obama and his reckless band of know-it-alls in Congress who are running the United States into the ground with their spending.

I just hope it's not a total Republican sweep to power, though -- some of their candidates are really just too nuts (Delaware's Christine O'Donnell, for one -- "I am not a witch").

In lighter news, the "Bad Boy watch" continues as Charlie Sheen was apparently on the loose with the hookers again. Won't these Hollywood guys ever learn?

Same with the sports guys -- what with this Brett Favre- Jenn Sterger photos-texting nonsense from last month. Anyway, that's still under investigation.

In movie news Saw 3D dethroned last week's champ, Paranormal Activity 2, at the box office. I plan to write up a box office update for the newspaper pretty soon.

Also, I noticed some more stories about that new movie Tamara Drewe (pictured) starring Gemma Arterton. You know, that movie where Arterton has to wear sexy shorts. It finally opened in October, but unfortunately, the movie has been a flop. 

Big freaking scandal: the Edmonton Oilers are getting cheerleaders! I will have more to say on this topic later this week in a blog post on the News-Optimist website.

And the big story in Saskatchewan is this whole BHP Billiton attempted takeover of PotashCorp, with the federal government expected to make a decision on whether it meets the Investment Canada Act this week.The Saskatchewan government came out against the proposed takeover last week and Terence Corcoran let them have it, as did others. 

Still scoreless in that World Series game. That's it for now.